Worlds day 3 – Picks


It’s day 3 of Worlds and one of the biggest takeaways from the first 2 day is that pretty much anything happen. Now, these are Bo1’s where variance will be higher, but it seems like Western teams are stronger than initially expected. Fnatic, CLG and Origen all look really strong and let’s not forget Cloud 9 who beat AHQ in impressive fashion. As we said, these are Bo1’s and things we’ll be much clearer come next week. For now, we have to rely on what little knowledge we have of each regions strength compared to each other and go from there. Now for our favourite picks today.


Niels – Origen ($8000@AlphaDraft/$7400@DraftKings/$1398@Vulcun)

Niels was flawless versus LGD going 6-0-9. Through the EU Summer Split Niels proved to be one of the best ADC’s, in his rookie season nonetheless. Niels is as steady as they come, seldom making big mistakes and displaying superior movement in teamfights. His 12% share of deaths during the regular season was 3rd among all positions while his kda of 8.5 was 3rd. Needless to say his value as a fantasy players is sky high as he manages to both rack up kills and stay out of trouble. Against TSM who allowed 37.57 pts. (AlphaDraft scoring) to Arrow of KT Rolster, we like him to produce great numbers.

Ryu – H2K ($8300@AlphaDraft/$7300@DraftKings/$1572@Vulcun)

Ryu, a must-have? Look, H2k has faced SKT (Faker) and Edward Gaming (PawN) and you won’t find more talented midlaners in the world. Now H2K and Ryu face Bangkok Titans who has allowed the 3rd highest amount of fantasy points so far. Ryu has held his own versus some of the best midlaners at Worlds and now face G4 who was destroyed by Faker. The SKT midlaner racked up 8 kills and 8 assists in 28 minutes. Look for Ryu, who’s a top 2 midlaner in the EU LCS, to exact his revenge on the lowly Titans.

Yellowstar – Fnatic ($8000@AlphaDraft/$5500@DraftKings/$1125@Vulcun)

The leader of the best team in Europe for a very long time has shown no signs of slowing down. His incredible kda of 16.3 during the Summer Split regular season was unmatched by pretty much every other region and the support has impeccable coordination with his bot lane partner Rekkles. Facing AHQ who allowed 8 assists to LemonNation of Cloud 9 in just 23 minutes, Yellowstar look primed for at big game. AHQ won’t go down without a fight but Fnatic should win without much issue.


Zz1tai – Invictus Gaming ($7300@AlphaDraft/$6500@DraftKings/$1279@Vulcun)

Cloud 9 surprised everyone when they defeated AHQ, but let’s not get too carried away here. Invictus Gaming were beaten by a very strong Fnatic squad and still has every chance of going through to quarters. Zz1tai face Balls (if no lane swap happens) who is the weakest player on C9. Invictus like to get Zz1tai ahead and KaKa0 has shown increased jungle pressure to help his toplaner who enjoys carry toplaner’s which the current meta favors. We like Zz1tai as a sneaky contrarian play as many may be underestimating iG while overestimating the C9 win.

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