Worlds Day 2 – Favorable matchups


Yesterday went as expected as most of the big favourites tore through their opponents in quick fashion limiting most fantasy scores. The 41 minute game between CLG and Flash Wolves, and the 3rd longest game between paiN Gaming and KOO Tigers both produced the most kills and we’ll keep looking for matchups where we have a strong idea of who wins as well as a prolonged game.

LGD – Origen

The Chinese powerhouse of LGD are one of the top favourites to win Worlds and we expect them to do very well, easily getting out of groups. Against Origen it won’t be easy though. The 3rd seed of Europe is probably the 2nd strongest EU team at the tournament and has a sqaud of seasoned veterans and up and coming stars. We expect Origen to put up a good fight, remember they almost beat Fnatic in the Summer Split finals, and a 35+ minute game looks likely. LGD will win, but xPeke, Niels and Soaz will make them pay in kills and fantasy production.

Lock them in:

GodV – Mid: xPeke is a tough matchup, but GodV is a just a step above his level. Get’s lots of resources and likes to roam.

Imp – ADC: Should get a high amount of farm, ADC’s become more valuable as games go on.

PyL – Support: High kill participation, roams alot. 15+ assists is a definite possibility.


Niels – ADC: Niels always seems to produce no matter whether Origen wins or loses. During the regular season he averaged 6.2 kills per game, good enough for 2nd among ADC’s and had the 3rd highest kda of all EU players despite Origen win rate of 67%.

Yoe Flash Wolves – KOO Tigers

The LMS 2nd. seed looked certain to beat Counter Logic Gaming on day 1, but somehow failed to do so as the NA squad came back on the back of an extremely fed Jinx in the hands of Doublelift. Despite this the Flash Wolves once again proved, that their region has improved and continues to do so. KOO Tigers defeated the Wild Card team, paiN Gaming, yesterday without issue but face a far more talented team this time around. We believe this game will be a back and forth slug fest which may not go beyond the 40-45 minute mark, but should produce plenty of kills and fantasy points.

Lock them in:

Smeb – top: Smeb is a world-class toplaner, and one of the 3 or 4 best toplaners at Worlds. Against paiN Gaming, he went 4-2-13 with 223 cs. Although CLG’s toplaner ZionSpartan struggled against the Wolves yesterday, we believe Smeb is set up for a favorable matchup versus Steak who doesn’t scare anyone.

GorillA – support: A true playmaker, GorillA is just the type of support you want for fantasy purposes. His 18 assists yesterday led all players at Worlds, and his 10 assists per game in the stacked LCK Summer Split was 2nd among all supports.


Maple – Mid: The Yoe Flash Wolves midlaner held his own versus Pobelter of CLG yesterday going 3-2-2 despite the loss. Kuro went 7-0-13 yesterday but is usually just a solid non-spectacular player. Maple v Kuro is a key matchup, as his roaming could present the biggest threat the Wolves have. At his low price, he could produce some solid value as a flex.

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