Trump goes 2-1 in Value Town win


The final stage of the Archon Team League Championships has begun this weekend to decide the winner of the $250.000 Hearthstone Tournament. Value Town faced Nihilum in the 2nd match of the seeding bracket and pullet out a 6-5 win. Value Town’s team captain Trump did well, splitting with ThijsNL and beating RDU. Value Town now face Cloud 9 to decide who advances to the Grand Final.

Trump struggled through the regular season winning only 11 of 28 games. He was actually the worst player on the team by far as both Kibler and Dog were among the best players of the season with scores of 13-4 and 13-9. Luckily Trump seems to have grasped the TGT meta quickly and his Warlock and Paladin deck did well to secure 2 wins. 

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