ThijsNL and Lifecoach sweep as Nihilum stun C9


In the Grand Final of the Archon Team League Championship both the German and Dutchman proved their worth as they swept their opponents on the way to a surprising Nihilum tournament win. Despite their teammate RDU having to play from home, Nihilum took home a 6-2 win against regular season no. 1 and tournament favourites Cloud 9. While Lifecoach beat Ekop twice, the underrated ThijsNL impressed with wins against Strifecro and Kolento. Besides the trophy, RDU, ThijsNL and Lifecoach also share the $150.000 1st prize.

ThijsNL has been undervalued at AlphaDraft throughout the season despite his 13 regular season wins. In the 10 games of the final stage the Dutchman went 8-2 and helped his team through a gauntlet of tough opponents like Trump, Dog, Kolento and Strifecro. 

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