Taz goes huge in defeat of Na’Vi


Taz has been brilliant lately and continued with another stellar performance versus Na’Vi in the PGL Group stage finals. Coming from the lower bracket the Polish squad had a 1-map disadvantage but equalized quickly with a 16-6 inferno win. Taz then destroyed Na’Vi with a 50-burger on train. VP sealed the win in convincing fashion on overpass. Virtus Pro are now through to the PGL offline finals.

Taz racked up 82 kills through the 3-map destruction of Na’Vi, finishing with k/d differential of  +26. 8 of his past 10 maps have yielded positive differentials. He’s usually midrange to high in terms of salary but could be well worth it, should his current form continue. Virtus Pro in general are back to their winning ways having beaten both TSM and Na’Vi at PGL. Teams who usually are ranked above VP. 

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