Dupreeh hits the 30-bomb versus Fnatic

In the bo3 series at the PGL LAN finals, the classic match between TSM and Fnatic was decided in favor of TSM as they beat the Swedes by 2-0. On inferno dupreeh was on fire as he amassed 31 kills, of which 18 were headshots….


ESL ESEA Pro League Week 2

This week only includes 8 games, 4 in EU and 4 in NA. The schedule for NA isn’t that enticing as the bigger favourites either play 1 game or the matchups are even. So we look to EU for our picks: All 4 EU teams competing…


KennyS goes 50-34 in EnVyUs win

The French squad of EnVyUs faced TSM in the finals of Dreamhack London, and once again proved to have the edge. EnVyUs secured the win with wins on dust2 (16-13) and inferno (16-13). TSM has lost the past 4 out of 5 maps versus EnVy….


ESL ESEA Week 1 roundup

EU NiP are undefeated after week 1 having beaten Fnatic, EnVyUs and SK Gaming. They sure seem rejuvenated on the back of a great Dubai performance. F0rest was a complete beast going 22-14, 25-14 and 26-17 finishing with an overall k/d of +28! Fnatic went…


2015 Worlds Groups drawn

The groups for the League of Legends World Championships have been drawn. At first glance CLG has a great shot at getting out of groups as they face the 2nd seeded LMS team, perhaps the weakest Korean team KOO Tigers, as well as Brazilian team paiN. TSM were unlucky to…


CajunB racks up 29 kills versus Fnatic

In a much awaited matchup between TSM and Fnatic, the Danes once again showed they have the necessary talent to at least take maps of Fnatic. TSM quicly went ahead by 8-0 on dust 2, but as always you can never count out the Swedes…


Xyp9x and dupreeh’s ESL Dubai fantasy picks

TSM’s Xyp9x and dupreeh offer their take on which players to look out for during the ESL ESEA Dubai Invitational. snax – virtus.pro ($1501@Vulcun/$9700@AlphaDraft) snax is the type of player who plays around his teammates to create opportunities for great plays. He has an incredible…


GeT_RiGhT shines as a sub for Kinguin

Kinguin surprised everyone as they beat both Mousesports and Na’Vi to face TSM in the PGL “last chance” grand finals. A spot in the offline finals were on the line as the two teams faced of in a bo3. Fox was replaced by NiP’s GeT_RiGhT…