Botlane of H2K produce huge scores

In a bloody match between H2K and Bangkok Titan, the ADC of the European team, Hjarnan, was allowed to get his hands on Mordekaiser. A Champion which has been hugely buffed with the latest patch. Hjarnan did not disappoint as he and his bot lane…


EU & NA LCS – Saturday semi-finals

4 exciting matchups await us as the LCS semi-finals get underway today and Sunday. Comparing AlphaDraft and Vulcun, the latter seem a bit generous scoring support players taken their cheap salary into account. With that in mind we will start of by reviewing which supports to…


EU & NA LCS Summer Playoffs – Day 1

Four teams are facing each other on saturday to get one step closer to qualifying for Worlds 2015. We’re a bit torn on who to pick coming into this first round of playoff matches, since we expect H2K to be superior in almost every regard…