Worlds day 3 – Picks

It’s day 3 of Worlds and one of the biggest takeaways from the first 2 day is that pretty much anything happen. Now, these are Bo1’s where variance will be higher, but it seems like Western teams are stronger than initially expected. Fnatic, CLG and…


Dupreeh hits the 30-bomb versus Fnatic

In the bo3 series at the PGL LAN finals, the classic match between TSM and Fnatic was decided in favor of TSM as they beat the Swedes by 2-0. On inferno dupreeh was on fire as he amassed 31 kills, of which 18 were headshots….


Gfinity Champion of Champions lineups

Gfinity is a tournament that features 3 of the top 4 teams in the World, when Fnatic, Virtus Pro and EnVyUs as well as a rejuvenated NiP squad face off in Birmingham, England. All matchups are bo5’s and the semi-finals are setup like this: EnVyUs…


ESL ESEA Pro League Week 2

This week only includes 8 games, 4 in EU and 4 in NA. The schedule for NA isn’t that enticing as the bigger favourites either play 1 game or the matchups are even. So we look to EU for our picks: All 4 EU teams competing…


ESL ESEA Week 1 roundup

EU NiP are undefeated after week 1 having beaten Fnatic, EnVyUs and SK Gaming. They sure seem rejuvenated on the back of a great Dubai performance. F0rest was a complete beast going 22-14, 25-14 and 26-17 finishing with an overall k/d of +28! Fnatic went…


All about Fnatic in today’s ESL ESEA Leagues

Fnatic play 3 matches (NiP, HellRaisers, TSM) today in the ESL ESEA Pro League Season 2, setting them up for some huge fantasy scores. You need all the Fnatic players you can get in your lineups, to have hopes of a payout. Dennis of Mousesports replaces…


Pronax hits 23 kills versus Mousesports

Fnatic came back with a vengeance on Monday after crashing out of the semi-finals at Dubai. First off they destroyed Titan by 16-8 in stage 3 of the Faceit League. Afterwards they kicked off the ESL ESEA Pro League season with crushing defeat of Mousesports….


ESL Fantasy lineup of the week

Season 2 of the ESL/ESEA Pro League kicks off today with the EU region. ESL Fantasy is based on the weekly schedule and it’s imperative for fantasy success to look through each team’s schedule. Some play 2 games, others 4 and so on. ESL punish…