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We find today’s sleeper at the Acer Predator Masters, where 8 teams participate in the off-line finals. We have reached the Upper Bracket semi-finals and the Lower Bracket round 1. – drem3er (959$@Vulcun/7700$@AlphaDraft) (formerly known as Gplay) shocked the overwhelming favourites TSM beating them 2-1 (4-16 inferno, 16-12 mirage and overpass 16-8) and now face Dignitas in the Upper Bracket semi-finals. has been playing really well as of late, so even though it’s surprising they beat TSM the Bulgarian squad is improving. The match against Dignitas should be fairly even ensuring plenty of rounds for players to score fantasy points. 18-year old Simeon “dream3er” Ganev has been on a tear lately finshing with a positive score in 11 of the last 15 rounds he’s played. Against TSM he went +11 and +12 while finishing 1st and 2nd in kills.

Last time out versus Dignitas which went to three maps with one overtime, “dream3er” finished with a total score of +8. This was back in May though. We expect to do even better this time. Looking at AlphaDraft he’s valued at 7700$ this being among the 10 most expensive players while at Vulcun he’s valued at the 2nd lowest salary overall!

dream3r” should outscore his salary at Vulcun without problems and provides you with an excellent budget option for your lineup.


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