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One of the biggest surprises of this year’s International has been the North American squad of compLexity Gaming. Even tough they were swept by both LGD and Team Secret, which was to be expected most of the compLexity players outscored their salary by a large margin in the matches versus Na’Vi, iG and MVP. Today they face the same level of opposition against Cloud 9 and Fnatic. Allthough we could highlight the play of offlaner “moonmeander” who’s produced some great scores, today we’ll focus on one of the support players. Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman is a very active and agressive support playing heroes like Tusk, Spirit Breaker and especially Techies on which he’s had some stellar performances at TI5. Let’s look at his last 10 games in the tournament:

“Zfreek” – compLexity Gaming (959$@Vulcun/6400$@AlphaDraft)


This is exactly what you want when filling out your roster or when needing a cheap option at the 5th position. Let’s compare him to some of the most expensive support options:

“Kuroky” – Team Secret (1029$@Vulcun/7400$@AlphaDraft)


“LiL” – Virtus Pro (1012$@Vulcun/7800$@AlphaDraft)



Which comes to this:

Zfreek” – 47-60-95

Kuroky” – 25-43-80

LiL” – 28-49-92

Now tell me who would you rather buy? Get him in your lineup!


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