S1mple impressive as HellRaisers fall just short


In group B of the Dremahack Stockholm qualifiers, HellRaisers were expected to battle it out with Titan to seal a spot in the Major at Cluj. It went as expected as HellRaisers defeated Vexed Gaming while Titan beat Skyred, meaning the two favourites were to face off in a decider bo3. Although Titan took the win by 2-1 it was S1mple who impressed just as he did against Vexed. The former Flipsid3 member topfragged along with Shox, hitting 66 kills. This after having topfragged versus Vexed as well with 52 kills. HellRaisers still have a chance to secure a spot at the Major this weekend, while Titan are through.

S1mple impressed all day with insane clutches and frags out of nowhere. No matter what team he is on, he’s almost always among the highest scoring fantasy players. He’s expensive, but when he scores 118 kills, he’s worth it. 

Image via hltv.org

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