Reignover – Our jungler pick for Worlds day 1


The Fnatic jungler performed very well through the Summer Split and finished top 3 in almost every statistical category possible. His kda of 5.3 was 7th among all positions, while his kills per game as well as assists were 1st. Fnatic dominated the Summer Split giving the Korean plenty of opportunity to rack up kills as well as assists, and it won’t be this easy at Worlds. Reignover has a smaller Champion Pool than most junglers, but shouldn’t be targeted too heavily in picks and bans.

At MSI Reignover averaged 3.5 kills per game to lead all junglers. His Damage per minute of 342 was 1st as well, showing the aggressive nature of his play. Against World Class opponents like SKT T1 and EDG he went 4-3-12 and 6-9-1. Not to mention his score of 4-1-8 versus TSM.

Fnatic face Invictus Gaming of China on day 1, and their Jungler KakAO who is World Class, making this a tough matchup. However, for fantasy purposes we prefer prolonged and closer games as it allows for more scoring opportunities. This game looks just like that. Through the past four bo2’s in the LPL Summer Split, Invictus allowed an average of 1.6 kills, 2.7 deaths and 5.3 assists to enemy junglers. We like Reignover to better that and his salary of $5600 at Draftkings, $1233 at Vulcun and $7400 at AlphaDraft makes him one of our favourite values for day 1.

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