Paris carries with 24 kills versus Alliance


The safelane carry of Monkey Freedom Fighters dominated the bo3 in the Nanyang Championships qualifier as his team easily dispatched of Alliance. In the game 1 win, which lasted 42 minutes Paris was put on Spectre. The late game power of the hero was in full effect as Paris racked up 14 kills and farmed 29.1 k gold. In the 2nd game it was more of the same as MFF ended the game in 26 minutes. This time Paris was put on Gyrocopter and finiashed with a score of 10-1-4. In show of total dominance, the midlaner of MFF Neqroman, went 16-0-5 in game 2 to solidify the embarrassment of Alliance.

Paris or Sochskha as he’s also known, hasn’t been that impressive as the carry of Monkey Freedom Fighters, especially in the Defense where his scores have left alot to be desired. If his level of play starts to pick up, MFF should be a real force to be reckoned with. 


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