Ostkaka a nice option versus Team Celestial


The Archon Team League Championship continues Wednesday when Forsenboys face off against Team Celestial. We favor Forsenboys in this matchup as they have won 2 matches out of 5 with most being close resulting in 24 game wins. Team Celestial on the other hand are yet to win a single match having won only 18 games which is by far the worst in the league. Let’s compare the 3 players on Forsenboys:

Forsen ($6900)

Ostkaka ($5500)

Chakki ($7100) 

Ostkaka is the cheapest option and while he’s lost 12 out of 20 games he’s actually very likely to score the highest amount of points or at least match his teammates. Ostkaka has played 20 games while both Forsen (18) and Chakki (13) have played less and thereby have less opportunity to score points. Damage dealt and mana spent adds up and if Ostkaka splits going 2-2 or even 2-3 he’ll have a very good chance of surpassing his teammates. Against Celestial a sweep or a 2-1 is score is entirely possible, but it would probably be closer games than his teammates. Even though a sweep is valuable, it would seem only Chakki has a realistic chance of doing it while Forsen at 8-10 so far isn’t likely to. Ostkaka is a nice budget option allowing more money to be spent elsewhere on your roster.

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