Niels once again the fantasy MVP


The Origen ADC has been a rock solid fantasy pick all season and he hasn’t slowed down through the playoffs or qualifiers. Against the Unicorns of Love today he once again produced for his owners as Origen picked apart the Unicorns of Love. They wasn’t really any doubt throughout the series as UOL only showed any resistance in the early to mid game in game 1 and 3. Game 2 was over before it began as it ended in 28 minutes with 17-3 kill score. With the win Origen qualify for Worlds.

Amazing was the regular MVP and picked up 67 points at AlphaDraft. Besides that the series was too one-sided to produce any huge fantasy scores. You can always count on Niels though. His 4.5 kills per game in the regional qualifiers was 3rd among all players, same goes for his kill participation. His performances at Worlds will be interesting to watch. 

Image via Riot Games / Flickr

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