MrRallez fantasy MVP as Roccat smash Giants

MrRalleZ Joins ROCCAT Title Image

Roccat dominated the one-sided bo5 series from start to finish winning 3 games to zero, sending them through to face Origen. Through out the playoffs Giants has seem like they never belonged getting destroyed by both H2K and Roccat without a single game win. Roccat however took Unicorns of Love to 5 games and now with this win have plenty of momentum for their very difficult matchup versus Origen.

MrRallez finished with an overall score of 23-3-14 which amounted to more than 100 points at AlphaDraft. We had lofty expectations and he delivered. Against Origen it will be much more difficult but keep in mind that Roccat beat Origen in week 9 where MrRallez went 4-0-5. Honourable mention for Roccat Jungler Jankos as well who finished with a score of 10-2-34 and just missed out on the 100 point mark with 99. 

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