Mithy MVP as Origen survice Roccat scare

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Roccat came in to the series with plenty of confidence and momentum having taken Unicorns of Love to 5 games in the playoffs and having beaten Giants in dominating fashion in their first qualifer series. Roccat had even beaten Origen back in week 5 and so even though Origen were pretty clear favourites, the series had all the makings of an upset. It was not to be however even though Roccat lead 2-1 after 3 games. Origen tied the score in a 53 minute game with only 15 kills before soundly defeating Roccat in game 5 in just under 24 minutes. Origen now face Unicorns of Love for at spot at Worlds.

The Origen support, Mithy, displayed some great Braum playas he went 0-2-13, 0-0-5 and 1-0-9 in the 3 Origen game wins. Mithy has been a very good fantasy contributor most of the season and his regular season assists score of 189 was tied for 2nd. Alongside Niels in the botlane the pair has taken the EU LCS by storm and should look to build on the relationship for future seasons. 

Image via Riot Games / Flickr

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