Kolento sweeps as Cloud 9 beat Tempo Storm


Cloud 9 did quick work of Tempo Storm defeating them in 9 games, 6-3. Kolento was instrumental with a mirror matchup Patron Warrior win against Hyped followed by another win against Hyped. This time with his Dragon Priest deck, once again versus Hyped’s Grim Patron deck. Kolento went 11-9 in the regular season of the Archon Team League Championship and continues to be among the world’s best Hearthstone players. C9 now face Value Town for a spot in the Grand Finals.

Kolento is always among the most expensive options at AlphaDraft with salaries around $9-10.000. This rarely brings much value to your team and usually there will be better options. On day 2 he’s at $9900 despite the fact he went 0-4 versus Value Town in the regular season. 

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