Kibler is the Master of Duels


Brian Kibler of Value Town secured the title as his team defeated Tempostorm 6-2 thus finishing with a personal score of 13-4. After going 8-0 after 4 weeks of play, Kibler was the overwhelming favourite to win the title, which was determined by win rate, but both he and his team struggled with losses to Liquid and Archon. In the final week he faced the team of his closest rival, Hyped, who was benched after 2 quick losses. Kibler himself went 2-1 in the same series and won the title as well as a prize of $5.000.

Kibler can be tricky in terms of fantasy as his many wins lends to fewer games and less fantasy points. Sweeps are valuable but in this format 2-1 or 2-2 scores tend to accumulate higher scores per player. 

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