Incarnati0n MVP once again as Cloud 9 stun Impulse


Cloud 9 was one game away from relegation in the regular season and are now one bo5 series from going to Worlds. In an amazing turn of events the team has come back from two 0-2 deficits to win two bo5 series in the NA regional qualifers. Against Impulse it seemed like a replay of C9’s win against Gravity as the legendary squad lost both game 1 and 2, both in under 34 minutes. On the back of some great performances by Sneaky and Incarnati0n they once came back to win and go through to face Liquid for a spot at Worlds.

Incarnati0n got the MVP award but it was both him and Sneaky who carried the team to victory. In the final 3 games Incarnati0n scored 8-3-6, 10-3-9 and 4-2-5 while Sneaky went 9-2-4, 11-1-10 and 5-2-3. Anyone who thought Cloud 9 would win were rewarded handsomely with great fantasy scores from the two and will have won plenty of leagues for a number of owners. 

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