Gfinity Champion of Champions lineups


Gfinity is a tournament that features 3 of the top 4 teams in the World, when Fnatic, Virtus Pro and EnVyUs as well as a rejuvenated NiP squad face off in Birmingham, England. All matchups are bo5’s and the semi-finals are setup like this:

EnVyUs -Virtus Pro

Fnatic – NiP

We favour both Fnatic and Virtus Pro. Our pick of VP may come as a surprise but on LAN they are a different beast altogether. Besides, you can afford far better VP options than EnVyUs at both Vulcun and AlphaDraft.


Snax – Virtus Pro ($1365@Vulcun/$6800@AlphaDraft) Snax is far and away VP’s best fantasy player. He’s a great value a both sites and you need him in all lineups at this price. Online his past few maps have been something to forget, but on LAN he’s a monster. Add to that, the fact he’s gone 23-16, 36-29 and 23-17 in the past 3 maps versus EnVyUs.

flusha – Fnatic ($1276@Vulcun/$9900@AlphaDraft) Vulcun continues to severely undervalue this guy. He’s the first pick of any lineup today. AD has him at the correct and expensive price, but you need him in your lineup regardless. Of the past 22 maps, he’s scored at least a +10 k/d on 7 of them, which is insane.


f0rest – NiP ($1333@Vulcun) At Vulcun we need to fill 2 spots, after picking 3 of VP and Fnatic and here we like F0rest as a nice sleeper pick. NiP are looking strong at the moment and seem rejuvenated to the point that they can push any team to their limits. They have even beaten Fnatic in the ESL ESEA Pro League this week and this could be a very close Bo5. F0rest excels versus Fnatic as he’s gone 24-23, 24-22, 26-17 and 30-18 in the past 4 maps against them.

Our lineups:



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