ESL ESEA Pro League Week 3


It’s time for week 3 of the ESL ESEA Pro League, and we have bunch of matchups to look through before settling on a lineup. There are a lot of options this week, as several teams play 4 games. To have success at ESL Fantasy, you need to be aware of the matchups to maximise your fantasy scoring potential. Our lineup consists of Skadoodle and n0thing of Cloud 9 as the no. 1 team in NA should dominate every single opponent they face this week, coming of a succesful Major qualification, Happy from EnVyUs and our 4-man roster is rounded out by snax of VP. Both Cloud 9 and  EnVyUs play 4 games while Virtus Pro play 5 this week.

Skadoodle – C9 ($1365)

The most consistent fragger of the team earns a place on our roster as Cloud 9 face tier 2 NA teams like FOLLOWeSPORTS, Mythic, Team Coast and Brazilian Luminosity. A schedule like that should be a lock for 4 wins and a safe 20-30 points for the AWP’er of the team. Of the past 15 of 20 maps, Skadoodle has scored at least a k/d of +3 and only has 2 negative scores. His k/d in ESL ESEA is at +25 after 2 maps played. Needless to say he should rack up the points this week, and be in all lineups.

N0thing – C9 ($1285) 

Now you may ask, why not Shroud? Well n0thing has really come on as of late and been more consistent than Shroud the last few weeks. Through september he has a k/d differential of +26 while shroud is at +11. Last time out vs. Coast, n0thing went 21-16 while shroud went 13-17.  As we’ve written about before consistency is key for the ESL leagues where kills are +1 and deaths are -1. A single bad game can impact your whole as negative score has a much higher impact. Shroud would be our pick most days, but not in this case.

Happy – EnVyUs ($1265) 

The leader of the French team is playing at a very high level at the moment, managing to both shotcall while challenging for topfrag on every map. Most in-game leaders are either not really fragging or are at least very inconsistent. Not so with Happy. Through the past 10 maps, which where against Virtus Pro and Fnatic no less, Happy has accumulated a k/d of +37. In 5 of those maps he went above 24 kills. EnVyUs are coming of 2 tournament wins and face Na’Vi. Virtus Pro, SK Gaming and Dignitas, a promising schedule which should yield 3 wins at least.

Snax – Virtus Pro ($1115)

Snax has been on an absolute tear lately, ripping through the opposing teams at the latest LANs:  Gfinity Champion of Champions (+15), ESL Dubai (+38), Gaming Paradise (+31). Snax is elite on LAN, and although we know VP as a whole isn’t the same team online, snax is a bargain at this price. Snax has consistently been topfragging for Virtus Pro and despite the loss versus EnVyUs at Gfinity, he still topped the kill chart with 108 kills. Virtus Pro has a great schedule this week, facing SK Gaming, HellRaisers, Titan, Na’Vi and EnVyUs. We don’t trust VP enough online to go all-in with a 4-man squad but it’s definitely an option.

Other options

Elige – Team Liquid ($1065)

KennyS – EnVyUs ($1130)

Byali – Virtus Pro ($1130)


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