Dupreeh hits the 30-bomb versus Fnatic


In the bo3 series at the PGL LAN finals, the classic match between TSM and Fnatic was decided in favor of TSM as they beat the Swedes by 2-0. On inferno dupreeh was on fire as he amassed 31 kills, of which 18 were headshots. On dust2 dupreeh took a step back as it was device who went 29-14 to lead the team as the win was sealed by Karrigan in 3 v 1 clutch.

TSM has been incredibly consistent the past few months and look primed for a great run at the upcoming Major at Cluj. Dupreeh and device are usually at the top of the kill charts but TSM has a wealth of firepower and even xyp9x and Karrigan can carry on some maps.

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