“dream3er” excels as E-Frag.net take out Dignitas


E-Frag.net continues to impress as the Bulgarians took down another Danish team at the Acer Predator Masters, beating Dignitas 2-0 (16-9 dust2, 19-17 cache). Yesterday the team formerly known as Gplay.com beat TSM and now look to win the entire tournament. We picked “dream3r” as our “Sleeper of the day” and he didn’t disappoint, finishing with a score of 54-35-10 including 24 headshots. That’s 149 points at Vulcun, at a salary of 959$.

Final scores:


Keep tabs on the E-Frag.net squad when setting future lineups. They are severely undervalued at Vulcun especially and need to be in your lineups at their current level of salary and play.


Images via hltv.org 

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