CLG duo could be bargains for day 1


The North American team Counter Logic Gaming face Flash Wolves of the LMS on day 1. CLG has drawn the best possible group and probably has the best chance of the Western teams, besides Fnatic of getting out of groups. Although the LMS has improved the last few years, CLG should be expected to beat the Wolves. It won’t be easy though as we’ve seen FW defeat teams like Cloud 9 and SK Gaming back at IEM Katowice earlier this year. We favour CLG in this matchup, in what could easily become +40 minute game, allowing plenty of fantasy scoring. Now to the CLG duo we like on day 1:

Toplane – ZionSpartan ($6400@DraftKings/$9100@AlphaDraft/$1178@Vulcun)

In terms of salary both DraftKings and Vulcun seem down on the toplaner, while AlphaDraft rates him as the no. 1 toplaner. ZionSpartan was tied for first in kills per game ( 3.8) and his assists per game were 4th (6.8) among toplaners in the NA LCS Summer Split. His damage per minute of 428 was 1st while 21.4% average damage share was 2nd among toplaners. Needless to say ZionSpartan was a big part of the Summer Split Championship, CLG took home and he looks to have a favourable matchup versus the toplaner of the Flash Wolves. That would be Steak, who in terms of laning shouldn’t be too much trouble to ZionSpartan. Steak, the captain of the team, likes tanky top lane champions which isn’t favoured in the current meta, and isn’t the strongest laner. He had the 4th highest share of his team’s deaths during the regular season despite team’s success and was even replaced for nine games by MMD. We believe ZionSpartan has all the tools neccessary to outlane and outfarm Steak by quite the margin, translating go a very solid fantasy score, making him a bargain at both DraftKings and Vulcun.

ADC – Doublelift ($7600@DraftKings/$9100@AlphaDraft/$1403@Vulcun)

Once again we believe AlphaDraft has it right while both DraftKings and Vulcun in general seems to underrate Counter Logic Gaming. Doublelift has been the epitome of a high range fantasy player, always producing and always being worth the money you spend. CLG spend alot of resources, 28.9% of the team’s gold, to help Doublelift carry and do what he does best – kill the enemy. Of all NA LCS ADC’s, with at least 10 games, his kill participation of 79.4% was 2nd, while his 6.1 kills per game led the entire league. Needless to say, CLG’s play rely on the fact that Doublelift can farm and carry, and he delivers with a strong laning phase where he’s almost never behind in terms of cs and gold. Against the Flash Wolves, the bot lane of CLG, Doublelift and Aphromoo face NL or KKramer and SwordArt. SwordArt and NL is usually the preferred duo, are a consistent duo with solid levels of play. KKramer however has more flash and is more of a carry like Doublelift. Either way we like the matchup and believe Doublelift will show up in a big way at Worlds. He’s a great player and a great fantasy addition to any day 1 lineup in a matchup CLG has to win.


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