ChrisJ tallies 71 kills in Mouz win


The main AWP’er of Mousesports has been in great form over the past few months and it was on display again against Titan in the PGL group stage. After splitting the first two maps the bo3 was settled on overpass where Mousesports took the win in overtime by 21-17. Mouz recently replaced Spildi with Niko and this was the first match with the full roster. They now face Fnatic in the next round.

ChrisJ was a bit off at ESL One but seems to have returned to his early summer form. His final score read 71 kills, 13 assists, 56 deaths and 35 headshots worth 194.3 points at Vulcun. He was closely followed by Nex who’s always among the top fraggers on any given map. Niko did well with a k/d differential of +8. Mousesports are just behind the likes of Fnatic, TSM, EnVyUs and Virtus Pro and will hope to challenge these teams with Niko on the team. 

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