DotA 2


Cloud 9 continue winning ways against MVP.Phoenix

After easily dispatching iG earlier the North American team followed with another 2-0 win against MVP. Even though both games were over before the 35 minute mark kills were happening left, right and center. C9’s hard carry “EternaLEnvy” is starting to pick up steam as he…


Cloud 9 dismantle iG

In two games Invictus Gaming only managed 4 kills and were completely dominated through out. Neither EternaLEnvy, Fata- or Misery even died and most of the team produced very serviceable fantasy scores despite the quick match. Game 1: Game 2:       Image via dota2.


“Maybe” continues to impress as LGD and Secret draw

The LGD midlaner struggled a bit in game 1, but came back in dominating fashion destroying “S4” mid ending game 2 with a score of 18-2-7. “Maybe” continues to be undervalued, as we stated earlier on Twitter. Remember this was against the number 1 team…


“Dendi” goes crazy in game 1 against Fnatic

The popular midlaner looked his old self ending game 1 with a score of 20-0-15! Unfortunately Na’Vi continued to struggle overall only managing a draw with Fnatic. Fnatic’s offlaner “Ohaiyo” was the story of the second game with a dominant score of 10-2-21 and 200…


Sleeper of the day

Agressif – CDEC  The carry of the Chinese team has done really well since the start of the Wild Card brackets which CDEC qualified through. Allthough he struggled in the match against VP he has been very good in terms of fantasy points in pretty…


The International 5 – day 1 takeaways

The biggest DotA 2 tournament of the year certainly lived up to the high expectations if day 1 was anything to judge by. Big plays, comebacks and displays of high level DotA 2 mechanics were all on offer on day 1. In terms of DFS…

fnatic team malaysia

Fnatic shocks Team Secret

Fnatic took one game off huge favourites Team Secret in a big upset. While perhaps it was expected that Secret would slip up and concede a game here and there, the magnitude of their loss certainly couldn’t have been predicted. Secret took the first game quite…


LGD beat Cloud 9 in opening match of TI5

The Chinese Powerhouse made a great comeback in game 1 after trailing most of the game. Cloud 9 failed to finish before Lu “Maybe” Yao’s Ember Spirit and Liu “Sylar” Jiajun’s Gyrocopter came online and slowly but surely LGD’s carries got out of hand. “Maybe” went…


Groups revealed for TI5

The final groups as well as wildcard elimination brackets have been revealed today by Valve. Both groups seem even in strength and are very well balanced. The favourites for the tournament, European based Team Secret and North American Evil Geniuses have both been drawn to…