Pronax hits 23 kills versus Mousesports

Fnatic came back with a vengeance on Monday after crashing out of the semi-finals at Dubai. First off they destroyed Titan by 16-8 in stage 3 of the Faceit League. Afterwards they kicked off the ESL ESEA Pro League season with crushing defeat of Mousesports….


ESL Fantasy lineup of the week

Season 2 of the ESL/ESEA Pro League kicks off today with the EU region. ESL Fantasy is based on the weekly schedule and it’s imperative for fantasy success to look through each team’s schedule. Some play 2 games, others 4 and so on. ESL punish…


Device topfrags in TSM defeat of NiP

One of the most consistent CS: GO players around, device once again showed why he’s among the most attractive fantasy options from week to week despite his often high price range. Against the rejuvenated Ninjas in Pyjamas it was no different as device racked up 64…


Flusha cements his fantasy stardom

As we’ve said for a few months now flusha usually is a better buy than his more acclaimed teammate olofmeister. This has been the case especially at Vulcun who continues to underrate him in terms of salary. Once again flusha racked up more points than olofmeister…


F0rest and allu lead the way as NiP stun EnVyUs

What a turnaround for NiP! Most had them pegged as the worst team in Dubai and now they face TSM in the semi-finals after defeating EnVyUs 2-0. Ninjas in Pyjamas surprised everyone yesterday by knocking out Cloud 9 on the back of a beastly GeT_RiGhT…


Ex6TenZ impressive as Titan knock out Na’Vi

Titan is improving, slowly but surely. Their adjustment to the new lineup has taken longer than their French counterparts of EnVyUs. After showing up well at Gaming Paradise they now have a shot a the semi-finals in Dubai after the 16-10 defeat of Na’Vi on Cobblestone….


CajunB racks up 29 kills versus Fnatic

In a much awaited matchup between TSM and Fnatic, the Danes once again showed they have the necessary talent to at least take maps of Fnatic. TSM quicly went ahead by 8-0 on dust 2, but as always you can never count out the Swedes…