BigDaddyN0tail enjoying new role


The Dane has played support for the last couple of years but since the creation of the already successful Monkey Business squad he has taken the role of safelane carry. Monkey Business are in the lead of group B of the Defense, while having just qualified for the MLG Worlds Finals 2015. BigDaddyN0tail has done well as the carry of the team and should only get better as the team and he adjusts to their roles and synergy. A look at the new carry’s latest games tell us the same story:


It will be interesting to follow the development of the team as they face even stronger opponents than the ones at the Defense.

BigDaddyN0tail should present some value in the coming months as the team is still new and will have to prove themselves against better opposition. The Danish carry has all the needed experience as well as mechanical ability to excel at the 1 position and should be motivated in his new role. 


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