Archon Team League Championship group stage concludes today


It’s the final week of the regular season and the top 4 teams all play today when Tempo Storm (1) face Value Town (2) and Nihilum (3) face Cloud 9 (4). The only thing dividing the top 3 teams is game losses, where Tempo Storm has 24 compared to the 28 and 30 of Value Town and Nihilum. A win secures a team a top 2 spot and a place in the finals. In light of this we would expect some close matches as well as games. With this in mind we’ve found two players at AlphaDraft we like:

Hyped – Tempo Storm $7200

Hyped has won 11 out 15 games and is in the hunt for the “Master of Duels” title. Against Value Town he will actually go head-to-head with Brian Kibler who is in the lead to take home the title. Hyped has been extremely consistent with 7 wins in his past 8 games and just last week he beat both ThijsNL as well RDU, arguably the two best players on Nihilum. Against Value Town he will probably face Trump as well who he has lost 3-2 to, and beaten 3-0 in their latest matchups. We expect Hyped to be highly motivated in his race for the Master of Duels title and to at least go 2-1 or even sweep with his current form in mind. The games should still be close though securing him plenty of points for mana spent, damage done and minions killed. His salary is far below the likes of Dog (11-8) and ThijsNL (12-9) who he should at go even with in terms of points.

Kibler – Value Town $6000

Kibler leads the race for the “Master of Duels” with a score of 11-3. He was unbeaten through the first 3 weeks and has shown he belongs after initially being deemed the weakest member of the team. Kibler lost to Sjow last week but beat both Savjz and Neirea of Team Liquid. His low salary probably has something to do the with fact that he has swept a lot of opponents in pretty quick fashion limiting his fantasy scores. That won’t be the case against Tempo Storm most likely where he’ll face some of his stiffest competition yet. We still expect him to do well as he seems to rise to the occasion having beaten the likes of Firebat and Lifecoach earlier in the tournament. Kibler should provide plenty of value at his very low salary.

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