September 2015


Jdm64 on top as CLG qualify for Major

The no. 2 team in NA, behind Cloud 9, CLG, impressed as they took care of business in Stockholm. CLG started off versus Polish outfit CSGL and came out on top with a 2-1 win. The North Amercians came back from a defeat on dust2…


Team Liquid looking to replace Xpecial

In a report from the move comes after jungler Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera was handed control of the roster. Rivera, the source says, “wants to reinvigorate the line-up with some young blood.” The player set to replace Xpecial in the support role will be 18-year-old Smoothie, who spent…


Westdoor a nice value at Worlds

The midlaner of ahq esports club brings plenty of potential on a team which is primed to do damage at Worlds. After surprising at MSI, by defeating Fnatic, TSM as well as doing very well versus Korean powerhouse SKT T1, the LMS no. 1 has drawn a group which…


N0thing helps Cloud 9 seal spot at Major

The North American squad secured their spot at Dreamhack Cluj by defeating both Roccat and Dignitas in pretty convincing fashion. They didn’t lose a single map and proved against Dignitas that they are still a force to be reckoned as they defeated the Danes by…


ESL ESEA Pro League Week 2

This week only includes 8 games, 4 in EU and 4 in NA. The schedule for NA isn’t that enticing as the bigger favourites either play 1 game or the matchups are even. So we look to EU for our picks: All 4 EU teams competing…

bamboe eg 750

SexyBamboe dominant at Elimination mode

The offlaner from 4 Clovers & Lepricon excelled at the tournament which featured a mode where Heroes that had been picked or banned in one game of a series, were taken out of the hero pool which led to teams being forced to use a wider array of…


BigDaddyN0tail enjoying new role

The Dane has played support for the last couple of years but since the creation of the already successful Monkey Business squad he has taken the role of safelane carry. Monkey Business are in the lead of group B of the Defense, while having just…


Sneaky needs to step up at Worlds

Cloud 9 some how some way qualified for Worlds despite them being just one game from relegation. They fought through the Regionals gauntlet beating anyone and everyone to qualify for Worlds. A Worlds event stacked with ADC talent. The likes of Rekkles and Kid/Time await in the…


Jkaem steps up for Wolves at Dreamhack London

The newly formed CS:GO squad of Copenhagen Wolves did very well at Dreamhack London, finishing in the top 4. Jkaem played well during the event even hitting the 30-bomb against SK Gaming. His overall k/d of +8 at the event might not seem like much…


KennyS goes 50-34 in EnVyUs win

The French squad of EnVyUs faced TSM in the finals of Dreamhack London, and once again proved to have the edge. EnVyUs secured the win with wins on dust2 (16-13) and inferno (16-13). TSM has lost the past 4 out of 5 maps versus EnVy….