August 2015


New Jungler helps UOL go through

The new Korean jungler H0r0 seemed to fit in nicely with the squad as the Unicorns took out Roccat in a very scrappy series. Especially in the early game H0r0 applied pressure consistently and in general made very few mistake as the Unicorns went through…


Dyrus MVP as TSM beat Gravity

TSM surprised with a top/jungle focused lineup throughout the matchup putting Santorin and Dyrus on high damage champions like Olaf and Nidalee. In turn Bjergsen picked up Lulu who is far more of a support type mid in two of the four games played. As…


EU & NA LCS Summer Playoffs – Day 1

Four teams are facing each other on saturday to get one step closer to qualifying for Worlds 2015. We’re a bit torn on who to pick coming into this first round of playoff matches, since we expect H2K to be superior in almost every regard…


Day 2 of the TI 5 main event – Sleepers

“Zfreek” compLexity ($949@Vulcun/$6900@AlphaDraft) The very aggressive and active support of compLexity gaming continues to be undervalued at Vulcun. His season average is around most offlaners and he’s been a real difference maker for fantasy teams with performances like 11-5-10 on Enigma or Techies where he…


LGD beat Team Empire in close match

Game 1: Team Empire dominated the early game by winning skirmishes and forcing LGD to fight but were too aggressive diving tier 4 towers and overextending until the point where LGD won fights and started turning the tide. The Phantom Lancer of “Sylar” hit his peak and Empire…


Acer Predator Masters day 4 – Bargains

Today is the final day of the APM and two matches will decide who takes home the 1st price of $20.000. Mousesports have been the most impressive team at the event and the Germans will face one of or Hellraisers. When deciding which players…


Hellraisers shock TSM

Coming into the tournament TSM were the overwhelming favourites, but hasn’t looked anything like it. On day 1 they were beaten by sending them down to the lower round 1. Here Hellraisers awaited – a team they absolutely destroyed in the Counter Pit League…


Mousesports’ AWPer destroys SK Gaming

Mousesports had no issues taking out SK Gaming in pretty quick fashion at the upper bracket semi-final of ACER Predator Masters. SK are at best, decent on train but for some reason continue to pick it anyway. They were severely punished, only picking up 6 rounds…


CS:GO – ESL One Cologne NA Qualifier

Players to watch out for: DevilWalk – Mythic DevilWalk is in our opinion an interesting player to look out for. The former Fnatic coach, and player, went back to pursue his career in pro CS:GO with 1337 and is now playing in NA at Mythic….